About Us

We are a group of Technically skilled persons with excellent skills on the technical side whether it is hardware or software. We are able to manage any problems regarding computers, tablets, smartphones, printers, scanners, keyboard, mouse, laptop, gaming pads and all computer accessories and gadgets. We also take care of the errors caused by antivirus, emails etc. We are proven to be very up to date with our work and the timely customer feedback we deliver to the corresponding issue.


In Quicksolvo, apart from possessing excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, our engineers are fit to do any work calmly when under any pressure or any time-bound business. We have good team leaders to guide these talented individuals.


We concentrate on all the aspects of the tech support business including installation and maintenance of equipment, errors in email ids or any online platform, troubles in software etc. Our Tech Support Pro team is available day or night so you can keep business running hasslefree. This includes 24/7 tech support, Onsite technical assistance, and more features. You can go through certain services we offer for you.


  • Identifying hardware and software issues present in your organization and finding out their essential
  • Troubleshooting any technical issues found effectively
  • Diagnosing and repairing the faults.
  • Resolving network issues within the organization
  • Installing and configuring all the hardware and software used within the company
  • Direct assistance to our valuable customers to quickly get to the root of their problem.
  • We are providing 24*7 support.
  • Providing timely and accurate customer feedback
  • Technically assisting in each action to resolve a problem.
  • Setting up accounts for new employees and new users
  • Following up with the customers to ensure the problem is resolved.
  • Replacing or repairing the necessary parts needed while doing installation and other activities
  • Managing multiple cases at one time with our professional technical support team
  • Testing and evaluating new technologies and incorporating them to our customers when in need.
  • Conducting electrical safety checks on equipment installed by us.


Apart from this, at Quicksolve, we are helping our customer companies reduce IT costs by avoiding the need of buying new hardware or software.Thus we ensure the company stays productive and thus maximize their benefits via cost saving, improved productivity, improved product quality andĀ  customer satisfaction. With our services, you canĀ  reduce the downtime due to disrupted IT services, maximizes system uptime and resolves end-user problems, system incidents, and technical issues.And thus we make your business complete. In a wider sense, we help for crucial business decisions that can maximize profitability.



We are always happy to assist you and provide you with the correct technical support for your Business gear in time. We are here to fix what you have screwed. Get all your technical issues to get resolved here only.